What customers say about these wraps -

‘I love my wax food wraps. I haven’t used plastic wrap for over two years now and I use the wraps for everything - including wrapping cut avocados (they are brilliant at keeping them fresh!), cheese blocks, and sandwiches for work or travelling. Fi’s wraps are quality and colourful. They are beautiful things and completely good for the environment. I’m just about to buy some for a friend!’  Pip - Sydney


'Fiona’s wraps are the best I’ve found. The list is impressive: long lasting, anti-bacterial,easy to clean, pliable without tackiness or cracking, lovely original fabric designs, easy care in all weather - and they smell wonderful. After trying several products, I can see and feel the quality that Fiona brings to her craft. ...we all like how ethical and easy they make a zero-plastic packed lunch. The kids won’t ever use cling wrap again.'   Irena  -  Sydney


'These are amazing!! I love that you designed them yourself- makes them so much more special. Thank you so much for the great and prompt service too.'   Kaia - Newcastle