Ceramic Slipware
Fiona's unique stoneware and porcelain pieces are handbuilt and decorated using slips and underglazes in her studio in South-West London. For markets and exhibitions keep in touch on
Instagram to see where she will be setting up next.


Please contact us directly if you are interested in a larger piece as we will need to make special delivery arrangements. Alternatively we'd love to see you next time we have a market stall so keep an eye on Instagram @fipbceramics for announcements. 

Sustainable Maker

When you purchase a piece from this collection you can be confident that it has been made with the future of the planet in mind. Fiona designs and stocks a limited number of items, always working to reduce waste. Her ceramic soap dishes are intended as a simple alternative to plastic soap pumps. Clay made things will not leave a mess on the earth but will decompose at the end of their long and useful life. 

Fiona explores her experiences as a creative with an environmental focus in her blog.


#saynotoplastic #towardszerowaste