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pattern design

Fiona is inspired by nature, but allows memory to play an interpretive role in simplifying the natural form, creating a sense of familiarity or nostalgia. Using a 'candy-shop' palette of intense brights next to more muted colours, Fiona seeks a playful mood in each pattern.

If you are interested in licensing prints we'd love to hear from you. Patterns are also available in a range of handmade homeware, natural fabrics, and wallpaper

Sustainable Maker

When you purchase a piece from this collection you can be confident it has been made with the future of the planet in mind. By making to order, stock is not wasted and homeware is made exclusively from natural fabrics, and organic cotton wherever possible. Our beeswax wraps provide a reusable alternative to cling film, which can be cut up and composted at the end of their life. 


Fiona explores her experiences as a creative with an environmental focus in her blog.

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