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Parks and Landscapes

Photo: October 2020

I love observing the change of seasons in London. The recent snow was so beautiful but my favourite time of year for photography is autumn when the rich golden leaves bejewel the trees. This oak tree is one I visit regularly as it always has a different expression depending on the mood of the day.



Photo: June 2019

I spend a lot of the year photographing various gardens and plants. Not necessarily with a view to replicate but always looking at shapes and patterns that I can incorporate into my work. I love the high contrast of the pinks and yellows in these little pin cushions!


Photo: January 2021

My favourite place in the world is a small beach on the mid-north coast of New South Wales in a place called Bonny Hills. As I can't get there right now I am drawn to any water-hole. This photo was taken on a stunning icy morning at the Pen Ponds which is in the middle of Richmond Park.

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