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Family Eco Challenge


Today I want to tell you about my eco challenge. A Challenge I set our extended family at the beginning of January. To be honest, it was done mostly out of frustration at the lack of progress humans are making to reduce waste & cut emissions. I wanted to know my family was at least keen to engage and wrestle with the issue.

As the creator of the competition I've been forced to dig deep, and reconsider how I can do better myself. There are still so very many things I simply cannot imagine giving up - but more of that in another post. Here's how the Eco Challenge went down...

The Challenge:

Ok family I am setting a prize challenge for everyone (tell your kids) for the new year.

I’m after the best initiative to reduce your own carbon footprint and/or combat climate change. It’s a cash prize of £100 from my small business (or equivalent AUD$)

- ooh, Dave has just doubled it! £200!!!


  • thoughtful & creative sustainability solutions

  • effort & or sacrifice (including time/money/going without/research)

  • actual impact, so reduction of carbon emissions, re-greening, waste reduction etc

🌱🙌 Dave is getting the ball rolling by committing not to buy any new clothing in 2020 (Thank the Lord he got new undies and socks for Chrissy)

Go teams!!!

Kids and adults alike came to the party. Pledges included walking to school instead of driving, eating vegetarian and vegan for part of the week, investing in solar, ditching the diesel car, not buying any new clothes for a year, not flying overseas etc etc. Here's an example:-

And the winner... My nephew and his mum took the challenge to another level. My sister recently graduated as a bee keeper, so my 11 year old nephew (who had already established himself as a small scale breeder of free-range chickens) committed to creating a bee friendly habitat for Mum's bees in a large disused garden bed at the front of their house. He selected a variety of bee friendly plants which will flower at varying times, so all year round.

To add to the effort the family create their own compost from food scraps and manure from the chooks in their backyard and will use this for the new bee habitat as well as on their established fruit trees and vegetable garden. Literally nothing goes to waste in this household. It is just so inspiring, and the work is already in full swing with bees having taken residence in their new hive.

Take a look:- https://youtu.be/jUhcqRgC_E4

Here are some helpful ways you can take action to reduce your own carbon footprint


My aim is to make these blogs as brief and informative as possible and hope they'll provide creative inspiration and helpful ideas for living sustainably. Feel free to add questions, comments, likes etc.

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