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Keep Calm and Stay Sustainable

Updated: Mar 11, 2020


I asked a store assistant at the supermarket yesterday if she knew where the chickpeas were. "They're all gone, everyone's bulking" she said. There were a few cans of red kidney beans left (which I grabbed), and plenty of dried pulses, but then I went to the pasta aisle and that was pretty much empty too. Surely ALL the pasta doesn't come from Northern Italy?

I then went over to the personal hygiene area and unsurprisingly all the hand sanitiser, soap pumps etc were sold out. Bars of soap were still plentiful on the shelves. So much for trying to save the planet with ceramic soap dishes and ditching plastic dispensers! How can we still be sustainable amid coronavirus and panic stock piling?

What I really wanted to know was, is it OK to use a bar of soap during a major infectious disease outbreak? My partner says no - he wants to go back to using antibacterial pump soap with alcohol in it. Apart from the obvious problem with this, it gives me excema, so...this morning I found an article from the New York Times which says very clearly soap bars are OK. A bar of soap has not been found to create a higher risk than a bottle dispenser of liquid soap. Have a read.

The most important thing is to remember to wash your hands thoroughly (20 seconds), including between your fingers, your nails and up your arms. Use tissues and throw them away after using. Then get that bar out and wash your hands again.

If you need peace of mind with a pump dispenser at every sink, plenty of brands are now partnering in the terracycle program. Be sure to look for bottles with this symbol.

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