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Seeking Good News!!

Updated: May 2, 2020

I don’t know how you’re going with lockdown, but I have to say honestly, I’m struggling. Initially I greeted it with relief, knowing Dave no longer had to get on the train to work and that he and the kids would be safe inside, that we would no longer have to feel guilty for going out or feel lame for being ‘overly cautious’ and not going out. I also thought, finally I have company - I have to stay home, yes, but so do they! Staying inside with no plans is an amazing opportunity to rest, to spend time with the kids, to take stock of everything.

A favourite East Sheen garden - photo taken on my first post-isolation dog walk

I wanted to join some effort to be helpful so I downloaded the Goodsam App and signed up as an NHS chat volunteer. I developed a bit of a cough though, and a week into lockdown I took myself upstairs to the bedroom to be on the safe side, and stayed there for the next 14 days, gradually worsening with intense headaches, chest tightness, diarrhoea, aches and when I lost my sense of smell I realised there was a strong chance this was Covid 19.

In an effort to do more than nothing and to stave off that dreadful feeling of overwhelm, sadness at the passing ambulances and fear for myself, I tried to do some things but I had so little energy the efforts were all from my bed. I learned to crochet granny squares, spoke to family and friends as often as possible and coordinated online shopping and favours for groceries and other necessities so thanks to a bunch of friends we didn’t have to leave the house. The rest of the time I slept and eventually by day 13 I started to feel a bit closer to normal.

I’ve now been out of isolation for a week and still feeling very lacklustre (the virus leaves you completely wiped out) but mostly just low with that sinking feeling knowing this is bad, and it could go on for a very long time. My impulse now to stave off the negative thoughts, is to consider the positive impact all the shutdowns and border closures are having on our natural environment. To this end I’ve started looking for stories that provide hope that some good can come from this terrible tragedy.

My intention is to keep a record here when I hear anything positive about the ENVIRONMENT and will keep adding snippets so please contribute if you have good climate news!

- A report on sudden and dramatic improvement to air quality in Delhi (Source: the Independent)

'The lockdown demonstrates “the scale at which change is needed,” she said, but also shows people “what it means to breathe clean air”.'

- Less food waste in Britain! (Source: Guardian)

'Fears that the surge in panic buying and stockpiling before the lockdown would lead to an increase in food waste levels appear not to have materialised. Almost half of people (48%) said they were throwing away less food and only 5% were throwing away more.'

- Dramatic Decline in Airline Carbon Emissions (Source: Time)

'Carbon Emissions From Airlines Could Drop by 38% This Year Because of Coronavirus'

- A More General Decline in Carbon Emissions (Source: The Guardian)

‘Carbon emissions from fossil fuels could fall by 2.5bn tonnes in 2020’

- Wildlife the big beneficiary of Covid 19 (Source: Euronews)

Scientists are saying it's an exceptional opportunity to understand the impact of human activities but no one can go out to record it!

- Flamingos enjoy quieter roads and cleaner air in Mumbai (Source: Sky News)

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