My Process
I have been working with porcelain and stoneware for six years, first in a weekly porcelain class in the Inner-west of Sydney & then having crossed the globe, in Southwest London. When Covid hit my local pottery studio had to suddenly close its doors, but I was encouraged by friends and family to keep making. Over this period I've set up a small studio at home, working in my own time and space which has been liberating! I'm also continuing my ceramic education in an Advanced Practice course at RHACC.

My work is hand-built, then painted with slips and underglazes using thick brush strokes and splatters which are not entirely abstract. Most pieces are then glazed in a transparent gloss which draws out the colours and contrast.

A bit of background

I draw on my studies in architecture and my previous work in surface design in the way I build and decorate clay.  I use symbolism in my mark making, much of which is rural iconography drawn from the landscapes of North Western New South Wales that surrounded me as a child: fence posts, telegraph poles, water tanks and lots of crosses. While I have spent all my adult life in very built up urban environments (Sydney, Dublin and London), my work still references the countryside. These days I have the privilege of walking the dog daily in Richmond Park - full of large open vistas which bare no resemblance to those where I grew up, but the vastness of the Park allows my mind to wander back to expansive plains that stretched out for miles from my childhood house on the hill. (view is pictured below)


I see it as priority to educate myself on environmental issues and seek the most sustainable solutions to ceramic practice as possible. I make in small batches and recycle all my clay & glaze waste. I have a small energy efficient kiln, powered by 100% renewable electricity. I also use recycled packaging as much as possible. My ceramic soap dishes are designed as a simple alternative to plastic soap pumps - a way of bringing functional art into the home while simultaneously reducing plastic waste! 

For markets and exhibitions keep in touch on Instagram to see where I will be setting up next @fipbceramics

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you find something you will love!


Fiona Pearce-Burrows

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